Former Ambassador Nancy Brinker on the Future of the Susan G. Komen Foundation


Former Ambassador Nancy Brinker discusses the future of the Susan G. Komen Foundation with The American Journal for Managed Care stating, “It’s time for major innovation.”



What do you see as the future of the Susan G. Komen Foundation?

What I think is is that the organization– every organization goes through major changes and rebuilding and new ideas and innovation. It’s time for major innovation.

We have such strength in our affiliate communities who are really people on the ground that have learned so much. It’s not so much what we do, it’s how we do it that’s going to be very important.

People are very sensitive to high overheads, they’re very sensitive to anything spent. They want to see money that they give go directly to a mission. So, we’re going to try very hard to make sure that we have collaborations with other people already doing the same thing, that we do things in a way– as we’ve always tried to do– as cost-effective as possible. Events become very expensive to do so we have to figure out other ways using technology to raise money and make sure that we connect with people.

[We also need to] get people of wealth in the country to understand that it’s as important to fund a program as it is a building. In fact, sometimes the program goes farther to train people, to bring people in the system. So those are the sorts of things we’ll work on.