Reputable Organizations That Support Afghan Refugees

The amount of time that elapsed between Sept. 11, 2001 and my arrival in Budapest could be measured in days, if not hours. My charge, as America’s Ambassador to Hungary, had been altered since the time of my confirmation by the Senate weeks earlier. The attacks on our homeland, conceived and directed from Afghanistan, redefined the scope and priorities of every diplomat in a foreign capital, especially when it came to Europe.

The terror attacks illustrated that neither isolationism nor unilateralism will suffice in the War on Terror. As the international coalition has evolved over the past two decades, we have seen that its mission cannot be determined solely by the United States. Of course, we must continue to work in concert with NATO and U.S. allies such as Japan and Australia, but we also need intel gathering on the ground. In this pursuit, the people of Afghanistan have been steadfast in their service to America and indispensable to the cause of freedom.

The images from Kabul which have populated the news and social media in recent days have been gut wrenching and also infuriating. Afghans who worked as translators and other essential occupations helped the U.S. military function for two decades in the Middle East. They kept us safe. Their service undoubtedly prevented further terror attacks and saved American lives. Today, their lives are at risk as the Taliban reclaims power in Kabul.

Afghanistan has long been a front in the War on Terror in which average Americans back home have felt detached and powerless. There are, however, a number of well-respected organizations that exist to help address the present refugee crisis – both in Afghanistan as well as the resettlement of those who no longer have homes. Please consider a contribution where and what you can.

  • Women for Afghan Women: The largest women’s organization in Afghanistan, with over 850 local Afghan staff working tirelessly to provide support services to women, children, and families.
  • Choose Love: Buy essential kits and bundles for refugees.
  • Refugees International: Since 1979, Refugees International has used its independent advocacy to improve the way aid is delivered and to ensure that the rights of all displaced people are respected.
  • International Rescue Committee: More than 18 million need aid as the humanitarian situation continues to deteriorate rapidly amid growing instability.
  • Save the Children: Since June, over 120,000 children have been displaced by the conflict.
  • The UN Refugee Agency: More than 3.5 million Afghans have been forced to flee their homes and communities due to insecurity and violence — an estimated 400,000 Afghans have been newly displaced inside their country this year alone.