Nancy G. Brinker Statement on Hungary’s Anti-LGBTQ Law

On June 15, Hungary’s parliament passed legislation banning the dissemination of content in schools deemed to promote homosexuality and gender change, amid strong criticism from human rights groups and opposition parties. In response, former U.S. Ambassador to Hungary (2001-2003) and Presidential Media of Freedom recipient (2009) Nancy G. Brinker released the following statement:

“Hungary’s propaganda bill, the first countrywide anti-LGBTQ law in the European Union, is an abomination. Not only does this action codify hate and discrimination into law, but it stands in violation of the democratic principles which underpin Hungary’s membership status in the EU and NATO. Shamelessly conflating the nation’s vibrant LGBTQ community with sex crimes will further reinforce anti-LGBTQ prejudices and stigmas in a steadily closing and more polarized society. This sacrifice of human rights, personal freedom and liberty in the name of political opportunism must be met with condemnation from the United States and the world diplomatic community.”