Hologic’s Groundbreaking Global Women’s Health Index Study Reveals Gaps in Women’s Healthcare

The inaugural results of the Hologic’s groundbreaking Global Women’s Health Index are complete, and the opportunities to improve women’s health are staggering. World leaders, change-makers, and society as a whole must take notice of the situation and act quickly to improve women’s health everywhere.

The survey was conducted in partnership with Gallup World Poll and polled more than 120,000 individuals from 116 countries, according to the release.

Through the index, Hologic focused on five different aspects of women’s health: preventive care, opinions of health and safety, emotional health, individual health and basic needs.

The index revealed globally women lack access to essential healthcare.

“40% of those surveyed – equating to about a billion women and girls – said they had not talked to a healthcare professional in the last year, while approximately 60% – about 1.5 billion – were not tested for four common diseases that affect women’s health,” said the survey.

The disparity of health care is shown by 12% of women reported being tested for cancer, while 11% reported ever being tested for STDs/STIs, which can lead to cancer and infertility.

Nearly 66% of women reported domestic violence as a widespread problem in their country, and 29% said they struggled to afford adequate housing for themselves and their families, according to the index.

Numerous major news outlets covered release of the report. They are hyperlinked below for interested parties.